Icommet 2017


Development of science and technology in the field of materials along with their applications is growing faster and faster in recent years. Many developments and innovations in the field have been opening new research frontiers, trends as well as interdisciplinary cross-boundaries with other discipline fields. We hence need to flow in and connect with the remarkable pace to get many benefits from it for our better future. The present international conference on Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Technology (ICOMMET) 2017, held in Harris Hotel Surabaya from 30-31 October 2017, is aimed to bring together academicians, scientists, practitioners and industrialists from all around the world for exchange of ideas, knowledge sharing and presenting research findings in all aspects of materials science, technology and applications.

The event brings 107 papers from participants/contributors of over the world, including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Taiwan, and additional 8 papers from our invited speakers of different universities in Surabaya. Also, there are general participants from several companies in this event. From such contributions, it is highly noted that papers belong to the field of innovative materials and biomaterials and biomedical applications made first rank of contributions. This clearly emphasizes such new research frontiers development. On the other hands, the fields of metallurgy, corrosion, failure analysis, non-destructive techniques, manufacturing and modeling keep showing new innovations represented by related submitted papers.

It is our hope that this conference can provide opportunities for the delegations to exchange innovations and new ideas, to establish research initiatives and links, to seek business relations and cooperation and find global partners for future collaborations. For that, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the organizing committe and all participants. My appreciation goes also to all reviewers who have spent their best time and efforts for selecting best papers for this event.

The 3rd ICOMMET 2017, Chairman

Mas Irfan P. Hidayat, PhD


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